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My film ’We Are Visible’ is one of a few documentaries giving a voice to an often neglected minority:

People with invisible disabilities. I belong to this community as well, which is why I see it as my most important purpose in life as a filmmaker and journalist to change misconceptions surrounding disabled people.

”How can you be sick if you look totally fine?!”

is a hurtful comment many people in the community hear on a daily basis because you can’t see their disability from the outside. Journalists and filmmaker alike talk about these people but not with them. I wanted to change this. ’We Are Visible’ directly involved all of its contributors in order to represent this community accurately and truthfully.

”Nothing about us without us”

is not only a catchy phrase disability advocates use to criticize media makers for not involving them. It is what defines my work and separates my films from other filmmakers’. Moreover, ’We Are Visible’ wants to be as inclusive as possible, so accessible film versions with captions for a deaf audience, and another version with descriptive audio for the blind viewers are available. Documentaries often lack those and exclude many viewers from enjoying what a non-disabled audience takes for granted.

’We Are Visible’ is a student project, a part of my MA thesis, and the first feature-length film I have produced.

It shows people living with the invisible condition Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and conveys its diversity by following families in England, Malta, Germany, America, Holland, and Belgium throughout their daily lives. They share all their challenges with the world, but also their successes and strength.

Never in my life have I done anything more substantial. I hope you will see that ’We Are Visible’ does not only include all my heart, but also the souls of every one of its contributors.

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