Image collage of all main contributors of 'We Are Visible' in black and white


I am inviting the Ehlers-Danlos community to join me for several screenings of my feature-length film ’We Are Visible,’ which shows a variety of people living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and related conditions all around the globe. 

This poster shows all contributors of the film 'We Are Visible' as pencil sketches around the words: Open your eyes
We Are Visible – Open Your Eyes

Online Screening @ Commffest Canada October 21, 2021

We Are Visible, my film about people around the globe living with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, was chosen to be screened at this year’s Commffest Film Festival. 

Due to COVID, this screening will be ONLINE

Date: October 21, 2 PM – 4 PM EST. 

The ADMISSION costs are $5 and everyone purchasing a ticket needs to create an account on the streaming platform the festival provides. 

You can purchase a ticket for We Are Visible here:

Or check out all films that will be screened here:

After the film, we will have a panel discussion with local and international advocates.

More Events will follow soon.


In the meantime, get to know the people in ‘We Are Visible’